Christ Will Return is the evangelical outreach of Ken Campbell and his daughter Jennifer. Ken earned an Applied Theology degree in residence at Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida). Later, he earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from NOVA Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida). He also completed significant coursework at the University of North Florida (Jacksonville, Florida) and Florida Gateway College (Lake City, Florida).

Ken started in the ministry as a teen evangelist. He had the opportunity to minister in many churches in the southeast region as well as Mexico and the Virgin Islands. During his teen years, Ken competed at the national level on piano and organ. At 19 years of age, he recorded his first gospel album featuring, "The King is Coming."

In 1974, Ken married his high school girlfriend, Pam. Pam was very gifted in the area of children's ministry and she served God faithfully in local churches and outreach projects in Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. Children affectionately called her "Aunt Pam." Ken and Pam were married for 33 years before her passing in 2008.

Ken has served as evangelist, associate pastor, senior pastor, worship leader, choir director, head master of a Christian school, high school teacher, and college level mathematics professor. He has also worked in home missions church construction, the design and production of stained glass windows, installation of sound equipment, the wiring of an entire medium sized church, and the sound studio production of approximately 200 projects for various soloist and gospel singing groups in the southeast.

Currently, Ken and Jennifer are involved in a world missionary outreach, Christ Will Return ministries. The focus of this ministry is to call attention to the return of Jesus Christ, proclaim the Gospel to those who are lost, and encourage believers to boldly share the love of Christ. Ken and Jennifer are both gifted song writers and they produce their recordings in house using a large number of acoustic instruments as well as sampled orchestral notes from the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Jennifer is a graduate of Florida Gateway College (Lake City, Florida), the University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida), and she earned a Master of Science degree in English Education from NOVA Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida). She is a very talented writer and the host of the webcast, "Be Encouraged," which is viewed by thousands of people each week around the world. She and her father have also written a number of gospel tracts that have been translated into approximately 20 languages. When they are not teaching, Ken and Jennifer are frequently traveling to various parts of the world to share the gospel and sing of His love.

They have been privileged to visit some fifty countries and possessions around the world. On several occasions, their travels have included some of the most dangerous countries and dictatorships in the world. However, God has been with them each step of the way. It is very humbling to see spiritual hunger in parts of the world where the church is persecuted. Some of the highest interest in online ministry resources come from very difficult areas of the world.

Ken and Jennifer make their gospel tracts, the "Be Encouraged" videos, and a number of their songs freely available online for the widest possible distribution worldwide. As Ken nears retirement (from teaching mathematics), he does not see it as an end, but a new beginning. Ken and Jennifer are determined to sound the trumpet, for one day soon, Christ Will Return.

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